Sommer tuned in

I am asking Hollidaysburg Area School District residents to think about the past, present and future of this outstanding school district when casting their votes for school board candidates.

One of our many outstanding programs includes the music department. As an officer of an organization which works hard to provide opportunities, I have had the opportunity to watch Ron Sommer dedicate his time and energy to help these students.

Sommer knows the reputation that the Hollidaysburg Area School District has developed throughout the state, and he has pledged to support our programs 100 percent. Sommer and his wife have volunteered many hours towards helping the music department maintain its high level.

Many students have benefited from the music education they received at Hollidaysburg. Just ask the hundreds of students who have earned scholarships. Let’s keep this tradition alive by casting your vote for Ron Sommer for Hollidaysburg Area School Board.

David Routch