Slow down merger plans

It’s good to see that someone is finally asking questions about what’s going on with Altoona Hospital.

I’m glad the nurses are asking the hospital to slow down with its merger with UPMC.

The nurses are understandably worried about what joining with such a large hospital organization could mean.

We appreciate their effort to bring more transparency and thoughtfulness to this process. This is important to our entire community, because there is a lot at stake for all of us.

I have read that UPMC has already told some patients with Highmark Community Blue insurance that they won’t see them, so we are right to be nervous about what such a merger could mean.

There is too much uncertainty about UPMC and Highmark and we shouldn’t rush into anything.

At the very least, Altoona Hospital should make sure that they are more open with everyone and give the whole community a chance to make their concerns known.

Richard Reimer