Shuster’s old song playing flat notes

The House plan Bill Shuster supports in his commentary in the Mirror on March 23, “Administration plays politics,” stagnates seniors’ cost of living allotments, raises Medicare eligibility age, and supports privatization of Social Security and Medicare, leaving the elderly hanging over the barrel of jaw snapping corporate malfeasance.

Perhaps the best we can hope for is that people in need of healthcare before their 67th birthdays will just drop dead, thereby helping to solve the budget problems of the House.

The plan offers no authentic job creation programs or government investments to help create an internal economy that cannot be outsourced.

Job training programs alone will do nothing if there are no new jobs to fill.

Shuster would like us to believe that all of the problems that Congress created came from the President and the Senate and that he and the House are the Texas Rangers coming to save us.

They are still playing the “elect me game” at the peril of US citizens.

It’s the same old song Shuster has been rappin’ since he was elected. Take from the People and give to the rich, and jobs will trickle down from the sky like a refreshing summer rain.

This corporate mantra was ballyhooed by Reagan in 1981. Since then, instead of refreshing summer rains, we have gotten and continue to get a drowning deluge of deregulation, banksters robbing us blind, minimum wage jobs with no benefits, mass outsourcing of manufacturing to third world sweat shop countries, massive cuts to education and infrastructure projects, massive efforts to pull the rug out from under labor unions, mass unemployment; but certainly no environmentally friendly high speed mass transit (thank you, Bud Shuster.)

We have, however, been massively railroaded into believing that privatization of everything is the shining star of the free market.

Well, if the free market’s principle job is to, by any means necessary, make the filthy rich richer and the struggling masses sicker and poorer until by death they do depart, then by God, the free market is a grand success.

Tell Shuster we want jobs, not sickness, starvation and apathy for the elderly.

Louis Anthony Mollica