Pro-lifer backs Kagarise

Please consider supporting our pro-life candidate for Blair County Common Pleas Court Judge, Chief Deputy Assistant District Attorney Wade Kagarise.

Kagarise has been a staunch pro-lifer and pro-Second Amendment state committee person in the Republican party.

Kagarise is the only judicial candidate who publicly and proudly lists his prolife stance on his official judicial campaign website. As someone who has worked for the right to life for 30 years, I know that Kagarise will be the judge that we can trust to keep his commitment on these issues.

If, like me, you believe that these values are sacred, and feel that in order to secure these rights we must elect a judiciary that also subscribes to these same values, then please join with me and other conservatives in Blair County and help us elect the candidate that best reflect our God-given rights, Wade Kagarise.

Beth Britz, Duncansville