Parents must adjust to school closings, too

To all the parents in our area who are concerned about school closings: Where have you been?

All of a sudden, parents are coming out of the woodwork concerned about their school. Why, because it’s an inconvenience for you? Where were you when fundraising forms went home?

Did you make sure your child had his homework done and was prepared for class? Did you volunteer for school events or field trips?

Did you attend parent-teacher nights and do you even know the name of his/her teacher?

Obviously this is not all parents, and I do sympathize with those parents who have been fighting an uphill battle to try and get more parents involved.

Complaining about longer bus and car trips to pick up your child seems like small potatoes to those staff members in fear of losing their jobs because of the changes.

I know that I am not happy that our school will be getting a large number of new students but rather than complaining about it, let’s improvise, adapt and overcome.

We need to get our priorities straight: it’s not about you. It’s about the big picture, and if the big picture is making sacrifices for the benefit of your child and the other children in our community, well, welcome to Parenthood.

Nicole Roefaro