Nurses’ concerns real

In the Sunday, March 31 article, “UPMC Agreement Concerns Nurses Union,” local nurses expressed concern over UPMC’s practices regarding recognizing competing insurance plans.

In Pittsburgh, UPMC is currently denying coverage to people who are insured with this competing plan.

Is this what we want for our community?

People in Blair County work hard and pay a lot of money for their insurance coverage. Will UPMC deny a member of my family because they chose a competing insurance provider?

The mayor of Pittsburgh has recently challenged UPMC’s tax exempt status. Many people feel that this is just a ploy for the city to reap revenue from the taxes it collects. But as Mayor Luke Ravenstahl says, why should the city keep giving them tax breaks when they aren’t acting like a non-profit?

The issues raised in the article are not just concerns for employees of Altoona Regional.

These issues should concern the board of directors as well as anyone who may need the services of Altoona Regional in the near future.

Altoona Regional serves our community, and it has served it well since its construction. I agree with the nurses, and I think it’s time for more people to be heard on this issue.

Jason E. Geis