Marriage is commitment

In response to two letters printed in the Altoona Mirror, I feel the need to say, “Enough already.”

I understand people having their opinions, and thankfully the First Amendment allows us to voice those opinions.

However, there is a difference between voicing your point of view and trying to force it down people’s throats. The one letter stated that we need to “preserve the sanctity of marriage.”

I hate to bring up the usual arguments when it comes to this statement, but they do apply.

Marriage is not solely based in religion. Many cultures throughout history have used marriage for many different things.

Marriage is not just something you do to have children or increase your wealth.

Most of the time, when two people decide to get married, they do so out of love and respect for the other person. They do it because they want to show the world that they are committed to the person they love.

What is so wrong with two men or two women wanting to make that same commitment? How hard of a concept is this to understand?

Then you have the critics who ask, “How do I explain it to my children when they see two people of the same sex kissing or holding hands?”


You tell them it’s two people in love, plain and simple. If you have ever known love, or been in love, this shouldn’t be that difficult for you to understand.

Love is a universal thing that anybody, if given the chance, can experience and appreciate. I just don’t understand why you would deny anybody the right to marry the person they love.

If they are two consenting adults, where is the harm?

Carey Pierce