Kagarise stands out

As a retired Pennsylvania state trooper and a person who continues to be active in law enforcement organizations, I pay careful attention to the election of our county judges.

One candidate in this year’s election stands above the others. That candidate is Wade Kagarise.

As current chief deputy district attorney, and with 15 years experience, Kagarise has proven time after time that he has the knowledge, dedication and leadership to be our next judge. His well-rounded experience will serve us well in the transitional period that is to come.

Time after time, Kagarise has demonstrated his vast understanding of the courtroom. He has seen the impact firsthand that crime has had on our community, and especially on crime victims.

Kagarise will be ready on day one to tackle the problems we will face in the future.

Please join me in voting for Wade Kagarise on May 21.

Robert J. Stanek