Fink supports Tyrone

As mayor, Bill Fink has worked with borough council and borough employees to provide essential services to which residents are entitled.

He has also focused his efforts in several major areas.

Fink continues to support the efforts of our hospital; it’s our community’s life line. He supports our Tyrone school system that is producing our future leaders.

Fink has continued in his efforts to coordinate with the US Army Corps of Engineers toward a solution for flood control.

He has supported improved communication for inter-governmental cooperation. He provides a monthly column in The Daily Herald and a monthly report on WTRN outlining borough activities.

As an elected official, he listens to taxpayer concerns, uses a common sense approach to issues and works with residents to solve problems, not create them.

As mayor, he has been a leader and served the citizens of Tyrone. Please support his re-election in the May 21 election.

Ellen Payne