Favors Kagarise

As a past police chief of the Williamsburg and Martinsburg Police Departments, and serving within Blair County law enforcement for 33 years, I’ve had the occasion to work with Wade Kagarise on numerous instances.

I’ve always found him to be professional, knowledgeable and always available.

I sincerely believe that he will be fair and impartial. He will interpret and apply the Constitution and the law without regard to personal bias or politics.

Kagarise has 15 years of experience in prosecution. I believe as a result of his vast experience that he will be a fair, but tough judge.

He is a believer in the second amendment and has always been pro-life.

I support Wade Kagarise for Judge of the Common Pleas Court and would hope that our citizens would support him and vote for him as our next judge for the County of Blair.

Richard A. Brantner