Endorsing Kagarise

Seven years ago, I was a victim of abuse and stalking.

The ordeal lasted over a year. I was extremely fearful, and to make the situation more complicated, the perpetrator was my spouse.

Assistant District Attorney Wade Kagarise exceeded my expectations. He made sure the situation was resolved.

Kagarise met with me on many occasions, represented me at several hearings and always kept me informed.

He worked well with law enforcement and made me feel safe. He treated everyone involved fairly and with respect and saw the case through to fruition.

I truly believe that if it were not for Kagarise, I would not have made it through this unfortunate series of events.

Kagarise stands for justice, fairness for all and for the truth, and that’s exactly what we want in our next Blair County judge.

Christine Treese


Endorsing Kagarise

I urge all voters of Blair County to elect Wade Kagarise to be Blair County’s next judge.

I have known Kagarise professionally and personally for many years. I have paid especially close attention to his career while he has served as one of the top two supervisors and advisers of my brother, District Attorney Richard Consiglio.

During this time, he has successfully handled several high- profile murder cases and served on various committees that have strengthened Blair County’s criminal justice system. He has also managed to grow a private practice of law that focuses on courtroom litigation.

His tireless work for our community has earned him the endorsement of my brother and many other leaders like Sheriff Mitch Cooper and Coroner Patty Ross.

It has also earned him my vote on May 21.

David J. Consiglio