Don’t forget our trails

While bicycling on our local trails, I am increasingly meeting people from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and out of state as well as hundreds of local friends and neighbors.

Trails, like the Lower, Six-to-Ten, Ghost Town, Path of the Flood, Mayer, West Penn and others including new mountain bike trails, are providing us with great places for safe healthy recreation as well as attracting visitors and making our area a more desirable place to live.

Thousands of people use them each year and the potential for even more is there as local groups are trying to link these trails together to create a regional trail system that will bring us national attention.

They cost less to build and maintain that most parks. But it still takes money to get right of ways, build bridges and properly resurface these old railroad beds, roads and in some cases new trails.

Right now we have trail projects that are stalled because of a lack of money.

Our governor, local Representatives and local municipalities need to find ways to help fund these projects. We need to adopt the Governor’s Transportation Funding Advisory Commission recommendations for funding that will help our region grow and help make it an area where young people move to – not away from.

Richard Bloom