Curtail violence

In our excitement and desire to prevent another mass shooting disaster, we may be looking at trying to cure a symptom, not attack the root of the problem.

Let’s look at violence on TV, movies, games.

Hour after hour, our children’s minds are filled with violence. Our children learn in school by repetition through the God-given senses.

If our children spent an equal amount of time on school work as they do watching violence, we would be No. 1 in the world with test scores.

Violence in, violence out. Guns are just the item used to express this violence.

Take away the gun, they will use a knife or a ball bat. You have not erased the violence. They will use whatever they have learned to use by suggestion as they watch.

An unstable mind watching a lot of violence is a disaster waiting to happen. A stable mind watching a lot of violence, becomes what?

Well, let’s look at it in a way most Americans see life. What’s the big deal, it won’t hurt me. Or what’s the big deal,?it can’t happen to me.

Van Wiedemann