Consider all students

The Altoona Area School Board needs to be fair and consistent with all students.

Some parents may not be aware that if two elementary schools are closed the school zones will change as well.

Also there is the possibility that all boundary letter students may remain, while children that are already at their home school may be moved to another school.

This is very unfair to the children and also their parents who chose to buy a house knowing which school their child would attend.

If two elementary schools need to be closed, then the board needs to be fair and consistent with all children and not pick one group over another.

If you support fairness and consistency for all AASD elementary students, please let the school board know by attending the April 22 meeting at 7 p.m.

This is a side of the school closings that the school board has not heard yet and needs to.

Tim and Carrie Wendle