Concerned about UMPC

Regarding the article in the Mirror, “UPMC agreement concerns nurse union,” it’s good to see these questions about the future of our one and only major hospital finally being raised.

One question I have is what will happen to all of us that have Highmark Insurance if ARHS affiliates with UPMC?

My family and I have always been patients at ARHS and are very concerned what will happen after UPMC takes over.

There are a large amount of consumers in our area that have Highmark Insurance provided to them by their employers.

Is UPMC going to try to get local employers to switch to their insurance so that we have no competition or choice for insurance or will we be able to keep our current insurance but forced to look for a new source for care or pay out of network rates?

If my doctor signs on with UPMC do I need to choose another because I have Highmark?

These are just a few of the questions I think ARHS needs to be answering to their consumers with Highmark before rushing into a deal with UPMC.

Also, where is the wide community participation that ARHS is speaking of? I have not seen any of that so far.

R.G. Wagner, Mineral Point