Centre County DA deserves credit

In light of the recent deaths linked to domestic abuse, I send kudos to the female district attorney of Centre County, Stacy Parks Miller, who made the statement on WTAJ that the system had failed.

That statement came after a man, who had a protection-from-abuse order against him, apparently went to the location where his estranged wife and their 2-year-old son were and shot and wounded her, then shot and killed his own 2-year-old son, before turning the gun on himself.

How many more lives have to be taken due to domestic violence? Our court system does a great job with ankle bracelets for house arrest and “blow and go” for DUIs.

Those bracelets are monitored; why can’t we have them for potential abusers? And maybe a device for the potential victim to be alerted of the abuser being within a close range?

It would not only create dollars for our system, but also would save a lot of lives. It is too late for many, but please keep these abusers in their place.

Lori McCulloch, Altoona