Casey turning his back

The recent article in the Mirror on Senator Casey shifting to support gay marriage is truly disgusting. He would sell his soul for a vote.

He had better realize that this will not guarantee him an election; nor does it enhance his character one bit.

The article says he received 10,000 phone calls, and to appease these perverts, he is forsaking the good people who elected him.

Does he know that right now in France, hundreds of thousands of people are swarming the streets in demonstrations against gay marriages?

This is a worldwide thing.

Our legislators surely have better things to do, like helping the people by curbing big business. We are ripping our nation apart with the high cost of oil, medicine and taxes, to name a few.

If our legislators would work on these problems, we would all be better off. We talk about term limits in our legislature. That isn’t the answer. Big business owns our politicians, and their lobbyists are buying them. We can throw one out, but the next one is bought by lobbyists for big business.

I feel there should be a law against lobbyists – they should not be allowed in any legislator’s office. They direct our government with the money from their wealthy bosses any way they want because they “own” them.

We should quit cluttering up our government with issues on gay rights and gun control and get our legislators to be honest with the people and do what they are elected to do.

Joe Wiedemer, Altoona