Blood on Obama’s hands

I agree: Comparing President Obama to Hitler is a huge international embarrassment.

When we hear people associated with names such as Benedict Arnold, Judas, Thomas, etc., we immediately know why they have earned the monikers.

Marina Moses (March 4 letter to editor) is upset with people comparing Obama to Hitler. Well, let’s look at some facts she failed to mention.

As a young senator in Illinois, Obama was just one of a few callous, extremist, pro abortionists to vote against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

This humanitarian and compassionate law was written to provide nutrition and care to a baby who survived a botched abortion.

Immediately following his initial inauguration, Obama exercised executive order to overturn many existing anti-abortion policies, some of which are the Mexico City Policy, abortions on U.S. Military installations, and taxpayer funding for abortions overseas.

He has become the darling and a willing tool of the abortion cartel, namely Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation and the Fund for a Feminist Majority.

He has lent his support to the bloody abortion industry to the tune of nearly a half billion dollars a year in taxpayer money. This is an industry that is highly profitable without government subsidy.

Why didn’t sequestration include cutting this spending? Not one of us taxpayers would have been hurt by it and millions of innocent, unborn children could rejoice in their mothers’ wombs.

After all, “It’s all about the children.”

President Obama has perpetuated the American Holocaust by his actions and his inactions, and those who support his bloody agenda share the blood on their hands.

Can we compare this man to Hitler? Draw your own conclusion. I truly am embarrassed and outraged by our president. Ms. Moses should lay off the kool aid and drink from the cup of truth.

Chester J. Kowalski