Beers sets an example

Everyone on both sides of the Altoona Area School District controversy involving Superintendent Dennis Murray should learn from school board President Ryan Beers.

Most candidates vying for offices from local positions to the president claim to work for the “good of the people.”

However, too often these promises are empty.

Let’s look at those holding office as doctors, and the public as patients suffering from an undiagnosed disease.

Even a terminally ill patient will have some test results that are perfect, but those results don’t matter if the illness is not detected or diagnosed.

Too often, we as taxpayers and voters listen to those who paint pretty pictures for us, and too often, those we elect to serve us don’t delve deeply enough to unearth the underlying problems that infect our society.

No matter how AASD’s controversy ends, one board member has spent hours of his time to research issues that were brought to his attention.

I challenge all voters to require the same level of commitment from all those striving to fill an elected position.

The lesson we need to learn is not only about Altoona or school boards, it is about responsible voting and governing.

No matter how positive reports look or sound, we need to search for the insidious diseases that infect the good in all levels of our society.

Karen Bond Wilcha