Walsh Act important

With all the crime that is printed in the Mirror, it is actually depressing to read it some days.

I’m by no means saying the Mirror is to blame, it’s simply reporting the ugly truth and facts.

I don’t always agree with the justice system here in Blair County either, which makes a lot of what I read frustrating.

Several months ago an article was printed about a new law called The John Walsh Act that was passed concerning sex offenders.

It was enacted to retroactively put offenders who were still on parole or probation directly on Megan’s Law registry.

It was put into effect in Blair County on Dec. 20, 2012. There was also a later article that three of the offenders (no names were mentioned) were going to fight the new law.

I personally know someone who was still on probation that fought not to be put on Megan’s Law registry after committing a despicable act on a young innocent family member and lost. He is now on Megan’s Law registry.

Thank you, Blair County, and thank you, John Walsh.

Wanda Bratton