Tomassetti, Meling ignore public sentiment

Upon reading the article on March 6 regarding the sale of Valley View, I find it quite disturbing that Commissioners Terry Tomassetti and Diane Meling have made this decision contradicting what the citizens of Blair County want.

The community voiced its support for keeping Valley View a Blair County service, which is invaluable to the community and its elderly generation.

I am a retired RN from Valley View and have seen firsthand the excellent quality of care the residents of our community receive at Valley View. The employees are always quick to lend a helping hand to their fellow employees and the residents when they experienced poor health or tragedies in their families.

I felt so strongly of the quality healthcare and caring attitude at Valley View that I had my mother admitted to the facility.

My biggest concern is that our community is going to lose this excellent quality of care under new ownership. According to the article, Meling made the statement when referring to her visits to facilities within Pennsylvania owned by some of the bidders that, “The two I visited were clean, open, airy.”

Is this the data that our elected county officials are basing their decision to sell Valley View to the highest bidder? What does this have to do with the quality of care these bidders are providing their current residents?

Shouldn’t they be reporting something a little more concrete to us, like these facilities’ quality measures, state survey results and ratings, instead of the facilities’ interior decorating?

To sell Valley View would be a travesty to this community, and it seems that the two people who are making this decision have yet to give us one good reason why.

Shame on them.

Connie McKnight