System needs change

The Tipton Post Office became the latest victim of DUI people on the loose.

Our citizens do not deserve to have to live like this – postal service interrupted for all of Tipton, including the daily load of mail for New Pig Corp.

Our insurance rates and other costs continue increasing because of incidents like these.

What will it take in Harrisburg to wake up and send these people away for correction and retraining on how to live as responsible citizens?

Jail time has not worked in most cases. The present system is failing us miserably.

The federal government did a number on the tobacco industry because of cancer-related problems with smoking.

These people chose to smoke and risk ill health.

Drugs and alcohol kill and maim innocent victims.

This is a real black eye on our district and we call on our legislators to take some remedial course of action.

Tough call? Yes. But our only hope is in enforcing current legislation and working together in Harrisburg to bring about real change.

Perry Haupt