Supporting Andrews

I am writing this letter in support of Dave Andrews for Blair County judge.

Andrews has practiced law for 35 years. For 15 years our judges have trusted him to mediate and settle cases already in the court system before they go to trial.

In a great majority of these cases, all performed without any charge, he has been able to settle these cases so that they do not go to trial and save our taxpayers court costs.

He was also chosen by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board Hearing Committee to decide cases in the Western District of Pennsylvania about attorneys who may have acted improperly as attorneys.

Andrews has also handled hundreds of cases in all three federal courts in Pennsylvania and is the only candidate admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

Please join me in voting for Dave Andrews for judge.

Ellen Hunter, Bellwood

Supporting Andrews

I am writing in support of Dave Andrews for judge.

One of the key qualities a judge should possess is the ability to bring people together to solve a problem. I personally witnessed this quality in Andrews, which is one of the reasons I am supporting him for judge.

When I was teaching at Juniata Valley School District, we were having difficult teacher labor negotiations. Andrews came in, brought the parties together and we settled the dispute quickly.

Attorney Andrews has been hired by school districts across the state to successfully settle teacher contracts from Woodland Hills in Pittsburgh to Shippensburg Area School District to our local school districts.

Our Blair County area needs to recognize this experience and his altruism in serving the Blair County community with his leadership.

I urge everyone to support Dave Andrews for judge.

Dianne Stewart