Stop supporting Syria

I read in the Nation & World section of the Mirror on Feb. 28 that the U.S. may expand its role in Syria.

This expansion will be to provide meals and medical supplies to the rebels. While that appears to be a noble move on the part of the government, it is widely known that those rebels have military ties to the Islamic Hamas.

The people in New Jersey are getting help from the private sector, although President Obama promised them federal assistance.

Private insurance companies have been little or no help, and as of late, the Obama administration has forgotten its promise made to help.

Washington has provided $385 million in humanitarian aid to Syria’s war-weary population and $34 million in communications equipment, medical supplies and other nonlethal assistance to Syria’s political opposition.

That money would have certainly gone a long way in restoring the New Jersey, New York areas.

While is may be good to get Syrian President Bashar Assad out of office and the country – it’s no secret he never liked the U.S. -what will replace him could be a nightmare, especially for the Israelis. The Israelis will never allow Hamas to control Damascus, let alone Syria.

It is my opinion the money the government says it does not have but is giving Syria rebels could be better spent right here at home.

And I know the Israelis would second that.

William Snyder Jr.