Spruce up, trim trees at Horseshoe Curve

As railroad enthusiasts, we are delighted to learn of the coming steam excursion trips scheduled for May 25-27.

We were born and raised in Altoona and have always loved the railroad and the Horseshoe Curve. But there is a problem.

For the past several years, every time we go to see and enjoy the scenery and watching the trains coming, we are disappointed that you cannot see the trains go from one side of the horseshoe track to the other side, because of the overgrown trees.

Last year, we were talking to a couple from Canada, and they were very surprised (and disappointed) when we told them it was possible at one time to see a train travel from one end of the track to the other side.

We have contacted our local representative several times to ask Norfolk Southern to have the trees trimmed, but Norfolk Southern is not interested or concerned. In other words, they refused.

Perhaps, if enough people complain, something will be done about it. The Railroad Museum and the Horseshoe Curve are definite tourist attractions. They should always look their attractive best.

Ed and Evelyn Taneyhill