Respect the military

After reading Kevin Shannon’s letter in the Mirror (Jan. 29), I came to the following conclusion he doesn’t like, trust or has ever served in the military.

Shannon mentions times the military has killed civilians; it’s true, and it shouldn’t happen. At Kent State, they used the National Guard, not regular Army.

Anyone who believes the American Indians had only bows, arrows and tomahawks, should read history. Custer’s Last Stand would be good reading. It was disgusting what the military did to WWI veterans during the bonus march of 1932. All those men wanted was what they were promised and never got.

But let’s not forget who ordered the military to do that – our government.

Shannon mentions Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, who killed 16 Afghan women and children. This was horrible, but most of you who condemn these soldiers, have never been there.

Shannon is another person who thinks the military will one day come after our guns. When that happens, it won’t be the American military.

My guess, China or China/Russia, and when they come a knockin’, you don’t want to be home.

Shannon attacks the military for using military weapons to kill civilians. Yet he doesn’t attack civilians who use military weapons to kill other citizens. Why?

Shannon said anyone should be able to possess, buy or build any military weapon they want. If one of his neighbors put a functional M-60A1 tank in their yard, put a live round in the tube, and pointed the barrel at his house, this would be okay. And if a next-door neighbor put bouncing Betty or Claymore mines around their house, that would be okay.

No one in their right mind would want these weapons available to every American civilian.

Who would Shannon call to protect him if a foreign army was coming down his street? It wouldn’t be the American military; he doesn’t trust them.

Then who would he call?

Dennis C. Shore