Quit comparing Obama with Hitler

This ridiculous nonsense of comparing our president to Hitler and anyone who supports his views to stupid, brainwashed, uneducated people is hurtful.

I have people telling me I’m the victim of mental illness because I support regulations on gun ownership after seeing legally owned guns kill so many in this country. I know people who think I’m against the traditional family because I want gay people to enjoy the same civil rights that I have.

By the way, I have been married for 24 years to the same man and stay home to homeschool my kids. I am hardly against the traditional family.

I am curious about the generation they are talking about when they speak of better days. Are they referring to a time where the freedom in our country included segregated water fountains and beatings if you used the wrong one? Or when women made 64 cents on the dollar a man earned (versus today’s 77 cents)?

There are so many other injustices of days gone by that I could mention, but I’ll stop at two. Not everyone in this country has the life experience of the white male. Not everyone believes the good old days were safe, moral and decent.

It’s so funny that when I

didn’t like George W. Bush’s policies, I was called unpatriotic for not supporting our sitting president – whomever he may be – but I think now, the way people talk about Barack Obama, especially comparing him to Hitler, is a huge international embarrassment.

All my life, there have been two parties with opposing views, but never in my life has it been this ugly.

Look at the country with open eyes, and you will see that Obama has not destroyed the fabric of this great nation. You’ll have another chance to vote in four years and eight and 12.

Power will be in the hands of many other presidents, senators, judges and lobbyists. The wheels will keep on turning, hopefully toward progress.

I pray for unity instead of this awful division.

Marina Moses