Object to privatization

I don’t think Pennsylvania should privatize the sale of alcohol.

Gov. Corbett’s proposal said it could pump a billion dollars into education, but at whose expense? This will only cause more drunk driving, more domestic violence and addiction. Wake up, people!

Greed is taking over our lives and we will be in terrible trouble if we don’t take a stand for what we, the people, want – not what the government wants.

I lived in Ohio when I was young and you could buy alcohol in all the stores, even now in most states.

My aunt was killed by her husband who was driving drunk and wounded their two small children, not just physically, but mentally.

They lost their parents. The point is this: I really don’t think they would have been so addicted to alcohol if it wasn’t so easy to buy.

Check the statistics of these other states: the number of DUIs, domestic abuse and other alcohol-related problems. Do we really want this in our state?

Shame on Sheetz for wanting these spirits sold in your family stores. Please think of the safety of our children. They should be our top priority.

Please don’t let these bad spirits spoil our good spirits.

Delores Miller, Altoona