Obama should pay way

Every time you look at the newspaper or watch television news, you hear about debt.

It isn’t the people of the United States that made the debt, at least not most of the people. Most of the debt comes from government spending.

The government keeps throwing money around for everything they can think of.

The new secretary of state announced a gift of American aid in the amount of $1 billion for successful reforms in Egypt.

As Americans, we should get a voice in how our money is spent. The government continues to help other countries, and our own country pays the price.

It doesn’t seem to matter what the United States citizens think, the government does what they want and when money gets short they tax people.

Make a real dent in the debt by letting elected officials do for themselves like we do.

I don’t have a vehicle handed to me with a credit card for expenses, nor do I have an airplane, helicopter or a limousine at my beck and call.

When President Obama went to play golf with Tiger Woods, would he have gone if he had to pay his own expenses along with his security?

Probably not. Obama does deserve time off as well as the other officials do but not at our expense.

They should do what we have to do, pay their own way or stay home.

Lenny Metz