NRA spreading too much paranoia

The word, paranoia, according to my dictionary, is described as “a mental disorder characterized by delusions.”

Unfortunately, this is the primary method employed by the NRA to keep its membership and gun owners supporting their self-centered agenda.

Even though we pay billions in tax dollars toward military spending to protect us from foreign invasion, the NRA claims that they are our actual protection.

Delusionary? In fact, over the last 45 years, more Americans have lost their lives at the point of a gun than in all the wars America has ever fought, combined.

Gun deaths mean nothing to them. So should people guided by fear and delusions be imposing their agenda upon the rest of society?

Their “pry it from my cold dead hands” philosophy encourages stockpiling of weapons in secret, fearing the government will confiscate them and refer to other countries overseas as examples.

Well, this is America and not some place overseas. If the government intended to confiscate weapons, the prime time to do it was after the Civil War where over 624,000 Americans murdered each other wholesale.

Instead, the confederates were given their horses as well as their rifles back to carry on with life afterward. NRA paranoia?

The NRA sites Chicago’s gun law as a failure to stop crime.

However, Chicago is not an island with a wall around it and guards at every entrance, thus making it a perfect example of why national gun regulation is needed.

The Second Amendment starts out saying: “A well regulated militia,” but the NRA and gun enthusiasts completely ignore the word, “regulated” – instead beginning and going straight to the end where bearing arms shall not be infringed.

So who’s taking things out of context and twisting facts to promote their paranoid agenda? Enough is enough.

It is time to get tough.

Dave McKolanis, Falls Creek