Mirror would do well by looking in mirror

I see the Altoona Mirror writes about Kathleen Kane every week now. She must really be doing her job. She must be hitting some nerves.

Now that we have the most corrupt governor in the history of the state (and that is following Rendell), she is doing an excellent job in stopping his antics of selling Pennsylvania down the drain for his own personal gain and partisan politics.

She was elected by the people of Pennsylvania to do her job and is doing an excellent job executing what she said she would do.

Keeping the lottery in Pennsylvania and those jobs in Pennsylvania, and helping to stop the Voter Suppression laws that were passed last year, are the kinds of things we elected her to do. I only hope she continues to get all of the corruption that is going on in this state under investigation.

So, talk about partisan politics, the Mirror needs to look in its own mirror and take a hard look.

This kind of reporting and partisan politics is what has got us in the political mess we are in today in Washington, over the past 12-13 years.

Let’s just stop the name calling, and get back to where we were just a short 20 years ago. Working together, no matter what our politics are. That is how this country became great, and that is how it will remain great.

We who are in a very depressed county in Pennsylvania need to work together and stop the hate. The hate is way out of hand, and it sure isn’t working.

J. Paul Gunia, Tyrone