Improve bus safety

I have talked to my state representative about installing three onboard cameras, a strobe light and two smoke detectors on all school buses, mass transit buses, tour buses and other buses that are hired to transport people.

One camera would view the road ahead. The second camera would monitor the interior of the bus. The third camera would focus on the bus driver. A strobe light would be mounted on the roof of the bus and hopefully lessen rear end collisions.

Smoke detectors would give early warning signals for potential engine fires.

If these safety features would have been in place prior to the Mlaker bus crash, it may have answered an important question: Why?

Also, bad drivers who pass stopped school buses with their warning lights flashing put school students in jeopardy of serious injury or possible death.

The time has come to stop willful and defiant drivers who pass stopped school buses by increasing the fine from $250 to $500, and license suspension would increase from 30 to 60 days.

Also, offending drivers should be required to attend mandatory driver’s education classes and pass an exam to get back their driving privileges.

I need the help of legislators who read the Mirror to pass these ideas into law.

Secondly, I need your readers to lobby their representatives to pass these ideas into law.

Mr. and Mrs. Motorist, please give school students a brake today.

Paul C. Rinker