High respect for Murray

I have always appreciated my close professional and personal relationship with Altoona Area School District Superintendent Dennis Murray over the decades.

He is an outspoken proponent for the core values in public education and a dedicated superintendent for students, staff, parents and the city of Altoona as well as Logan Township.

Murray also commands great respect throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

Anyone who serves the Altoona Area School District as superintendent for 29 years has developed and utilized a repertoire of distinct survival and negotiation skills.

Not only is he a genius in financial operations – most recently saving the taxpayers millions by refinancing bond issues at the lowest rate in the state of Pennsylvania – and within the past several years slipping in and out of fiscal investments (SWAPS) with huge earnings while other districts suffered horrendous losses, he is also a highly skilled educator, team player and leader in the district.

His name is synonymous with the Altoona Area School District.

I highly respect and deeply admire Dennis Murray. I am certain that upon his school retirement, he will redirect his energies to other productive endeavors.

William N. Miller, Superintendent, Tyrone Area School District