Financial concerns must trump gun debate

Recently the headlines of all media sources have been full of commentary, discussions and pending legislative action dealing with firearms control.

While I am sure all of us have been utterly shocked at the recent occurrences of violence and acts of evil, our view of pending tribulation in the future is being clouded.

While gun violence (and acts of violence in general) are prevalent in our culture, it concerns me that a problem that will affect far many more people in a much more widespread manner is our pending financial insolvency as a nation on federal, state, and even local levels.

This is not an issue that will affect only young, old, poor, rich, or a certain racial group.

Gun control supporters will often say their crusade is “for the children,” yet the financial disaster that certainly awaits on the current path will affect those of our youngest generation far, far more than a random act of gun violence.

I would challenge these individuals to focus on budgetary concerns with the fervor they are displaying with firearms legislation.

Entitlement reform, Social Security, Affordable Care Act, defense spending, transportation funding the list of budgetary concerns goes on and on, yet we are letting the political current be diverted to firearms legislation, and simply dismissing the financial concerns to raising the debt ceiling with a very modest at best hold on spending.

What have been only murmurs of discussion for a goal of realistically balancing a budget in the foreseeable future needs to turn into a crescendo of public outcry.

Let us not have our elected officials buy our votes promising current levels of spending, or even worse require increased tax contributions without drastic cuts to cover the shortfall.

Let us demand that a whole-hearted bipartisan and statesmanlike effort is put forward to solve this problem.

Christopher Farabaugh, Ebensburg