Enforce ordinances

I’ve been paying attention to the various organizations and the plans aimed toward making Altoona “a better place to live” such as the Shade Tree Commission.

And they’re all well and fine except it only puts a bright cover on the ugly that is Altoona as I see it so why waste the money?

Soon there will be meetings concerning a newly drafted Comprehensive Plan known as “Positively Altoona” with the first meeting April 2.

I live in a once peaceful, friendly area of the city.

The past few years during the summer (and I expect this summer will be no different), I’ve dealt with billowing smoke from a campfire that is clearly against a local ordinance by keeping doors and windows closed, never sitting outside on my deck and having my dogs use the front lawn to relieve themselves instead of the backyard. And now I’m putting up with extremely loud bass from that same neighbor’s car, again, against a local ordinance.

What good are these commissions? What good are these local ordinances?

It takes people willing to work together for the greater good, people considerate and respectful of each other to make anything work. You’re not going to find that here.

When I moved into this area, I did not move into a campground, nor did I move into “the hood,” but I live there now.

Karen Burket