Don’t forget junior highs

Concerning your article over the weekend about the high schools putting on the variety of plays in the area, I was disappointed that you never mentioned the plays the junior high schools are doing.

I recently attended the production of “In the Woods” by the Altoona Junior High and “Little Mermaid, Jr.,” by the Hollidaysburg Junior High.

Both were excellent productions.

I was so impressed that these kids are only in junior high. I took my grandchildren (ages 5 and 6) to both plays, and they absolutely loved the shows.

Both plays kept their attention the whole time and they look forward to when we go again. You show a great disservice to the public by not mentioning all the plays that all the schools are doing.

They put in a lot of hard work and it shows.

It would be great to have a special insert once a year in our local newspaper that is dedicated to all the things going on throughout the year at the schools in the area besides just sporting events – a place where schools could let you know what plays and events are scheduled for the coming year.

So if you’re looking for something to do, you could pull out that insert and check out what’s going on at the schools. The ticket prices are pretty reasonable, too.

It was nice that you mentioned about the upcoming plays at the different high schools. I do plan on attending another one, and the kids are excited about it.

You don’t have to have kids in school to enjoy a play put on by school students. These plays are excellent productions and very entertaining.

And wouldn’t it be great to see some of these kids make it on Broadway or television someday and you’ll be able to say, “Hey, I saw them perform when they were just in junior high.”

Lucinda Kelley