Defend Castle Doctrine

As the national debate on gun control heats up, we can’t forget about Second Amendment issues right here in our own Commonwealth.

On Feb. 5, state Rep. Ronald Waters, D-191, of Philadelphia along with 14 co-sponsors many of whom also represent the Philadelphia area, introduced HB 518 which was referred to the Judiciary Committee.

This bill attempts to alter the current Castle Doctrine that was signed into law in 2011 with the leadership of then state Rep. and current U.S. Rep. Scott Perry along with many of our elected state House and Senate leaders here in Blair County and the surrounding area.

This new amendment introduces retreat as a means to avoid an imminent danger or threat posed by another individual upon you or your family. Instead of retreating, I would prefer to use a deterrent. The purpose of a deterrent is to avoid something or discourage an unwanted act. In other words, being armed and standing your ground is more of a deterrent to a criminal than retreating.

Knowing that a citizen may be armed, with the law to his or her advantage, should be a deterrent to anyone contemplating a violent crime.

I encourage you to take a look at the proposal and render your own judgment. If you disagree with HB 518 then contact your state representative and let your voice be heard. Castle Doctrine allows us law-abiding citizens to defend and protect our life, family and property.

Don’t let a bunch of out-of-touch representatives from Philadelphia infringe upon your common sense right of self-defense. Those representatives need to clean up their own backyard before worrying about ours.

Frank J. Shoaf