Commission committed to city’s beauty

The city does not pay for trimming trees planted by the Shade Tree Commission.

A letter from Leonard Alwine on Feb. 23 mentioned that as a cost that the city absorbs.

The primary responsibility for care and maintenance, including but not limited to pruning, trimming, removing, spraying and/or planting of public shade trees, rests with the property owner.

The Shade Tree Commission received a budget of $18,978 for fiscal year 2012. The bulk of the budget is focused on planting and enhancing the city to make it a better place to live.

The past several years, the Shade Tree Commission has focused on gateway planting projects that enhanced the ingress and egress into the city.

Last year’s focus was on city parks, with the plantings of 12 trees in Prospect Park and 22 trees at Booker T. Washington Park. Nine evergreens are to be planted at Geesey Park.

These projects enhance the gateway to our city, bringing back development, business and making it a better place to raise a family.

The commission will meet at 7 p.m. March 21 at City Hall in the fourth floor conference room. The public is welcome to come to learn more about the commission and its efforts.

Paula Over

Shade Tree Commissioner