Burden to taxpayers

I read with interest the Feb. 28 article stating that we the taxpayers are on the hook for $250,000 to demolish the Russo building.

The city manager said constables generally aren’t willing to serve warrants to delinquent property owners who live out of state.

The article did not state where the owners lived. Isn’t it possible to enlist the cooperation of law enforcement in the area where these owners live to serve a warrant on the county’s behalf?

Or is it just too much bother to save we the taxpayers this sum of money in a time when neither we nor the county has excess resources to throw around?

I feel certain if a request was made, you could find a few hundred or more taxpayers, myself included, who would be willing to serve this warrant, free of charge. Seems to me the city and the county are playing the old political game of passing the buck, again, to us – the taxpayers.

And, frankly, my back is getting sore carrying the load.

David R. Zeak,