Backing Kagarise

I was pleased to see my former colleague, Wade Kagarise, has entered the Blair County judicial race.

I served as an assistant district attorney with Kagarise from 2000 to 2003.

He was and is an effective prosecutor. His extensive experience as a prosecutor gives him invaluable perspective as an advocate for justice and a unique understanding of the problems facing Blair County.

His skill as a prosecutor and knowledge of the law was a basis for former Attorney General Mike Fisher to appoint Kagarise as a special deputy attorney general during my tenure in Blair County.

Kagarise prosecuted Philadelphia drug dealers funneling heroin to Blair County.

The dealers ended up in prison because of his tireless efforts. He also has extensive experience handling civil cases and criminal cases.

The voters would be wise to choose Wade Kagarise to be the next judge in Blair County.

Brandi J. Hershey