Backing Andrews

I urge you to support Dave Andrews for Blair County judge.

Andrews and I have often crossed paths. In many instances, when Andrews was the solicitor for a school district, I was its design architect.

I witnessed the hard work, commitment, energy and 16- to 20-hour days he routinely spent on the road as the solicitor for these school districts to make sure school boards and teachers were offering our children the absolute best in learning opportunities.

Andrews’ style and technique in solving difficult issues and conflicts are ones that are not easily learned. They are, instead, earned as a result of 35 years plus of hands-on experience in nearly every conceivable legal challenge an attorney can face.

As our next county judge, Andrews will work tirelessly for our judicial system.

On May 21, please vote for Dave Andrews to be our judge, your judge and the peoples’ judge of Blair County.

Rick Karcher