Vote Libertarian

I would like to stress the importance of political party selection and identification for those registering to vote or who are already registered to vote.

If you ask someone how many political parties there are in the U.S., most would answer two.

Those who have voted and are a little more observant would answer three. There are at least five minor parties with an ideology and tons of single issue parties.

Those who would answer three are the most correct in that the Libertarian Party is usually the only minor party that even makes the ballot, as few know regarding yearly challenges to ballot access.

In 2006, independent and minor party candidates were required to collect more than 67,000 valid signatures to get on the statewide ballot. Democratic and Republican candidates require no signatures to get on the statewide ballot.

A political body that wins 2 percent of the vote obtained by the highest vote-getter statewide in the same election is recognized statewide as a political party for two years.

A political party with a voter enrollment equal to 15 percent of the state’s total partisan enrollment has automatic ballot access.

Because the Libertarian Party is the most popular minor party, people who are dissatisfied with both major parties should register to vote and only vote Libertarian.

Ironically, most voters who would identify as true Libertarians don’t vote or register no affiliation.

Worse yet, they vote the lesser evil, unaware of the party of principle.

Brandon Michael Hoffmaster