Valley View sale troubling

As a former resident of Blair County it sickens me to find that the county commissioners are selling Valley View Nursing Home.

Valley View was born of a very noble idea – to provide care for the elderly and population of Blair County that is in need.

Now Terry Tomassetti and Diane Meling have decided that either no such population exists or that it does indeed exist but no longer deserves the kind of care Valley View provides.

Taking Valley View out of county hands and putting it in the hands of a big box corporation will remove the personal care aspect that thrives at Valley View and instead turn each resident into a mini-bank account with no face, no history and most importantly, no one to provide the continuity of care they deserve.

How can you ask voters (yes, it would do you well to remember that you were voted into office) to elect you and then turn around and do something that so clearly goes against the will of the citizens of Blair County?

The shame of this will be the commissioners to bear.

They will create more unemployment for the county, remove a source of revenue and say in a loud voice that the elderly and those in need, along with the opinions of the citizens of Blair County, just don’t matter.

Tammy Kennell