Troubling questions

Did you know there is nine trillion dollars missing from the Federal Reserve, according to Rep. Alan Grayson, who questioned the Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman during a subcommittee and oversight hearing?

She said she really doesn’t know where the money went because no one is tracking it.

Did you know the U.S. government gave away $53.3 billion dollars in foreign aid last year to more than 25 countries, but after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy that hit the U.S. there was not one country who offered a dime to help?

Did you know that, after four months and still no honest answers since the terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans, it has been reported that the main suspect (Ahmed Boukhtala) continues to live freely in Benghazi and has not been apprehended?

Did you know the Obama administration has approved giving 20 F-16 Fighter Jets (free gift costing U.S. taxpayers 213 million dollars) plus 100 M-1 tanks and several Stinger surface to air missiles to Egypt, which is now controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood?

Why would any U.S. president want to give billions of dollars in aid and supply arms to a nation like Egypt who has declared America and Israel both to be mortal enemies that should be destroyed?

Why would that same president want to arm our enemies and, at the same time, want to disarm American citizens with new stricter gun laws?

Bill Brantner