Think twice before giving up your freedom

Now let me get this right. The Feds, under the code name “Fast and Furious,” sold assault rifles of every kind to our neighbors south of the border (Mexico) to drug cartels, without any background checks other than they were drug cartels, which include murderers and the such in hopes that they would be turned on other Mexicans and us.

American citizens are required background checks and the Feds are banning such rifles from the American citizen, whose right it is to bear arms.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Rifles/guns are not just used for hunting or sport shooting. They are used for protection against others who present a clear and present danger to self and family.

Our country’s forefathers knew that an armed citizen is the greatest deterrent to any would-be despot(s).

Of course, for the sake of safety, there are those who would freely give up their rights and liberty. It has been stated that they are deserving of neither safety nor liberty.

Every generation that was willing to give up their liberty and freedoms never saw a restoration of such in their lifetime.

History tells us, sadly to say, once liberty and freedom are taken, it takes much bloodshed and sorrow to restore liberty and freedom.

It is a very evil thought and desire and thus, an evil person to gun down children and/or unarmed citizens.

Twenty children and unarmed adults is a terrible and heartfelt ache of the loss of life, dreams and aspirations never attained in this life. But it will all be made up in the one to come. Christians know this to be true.

Our government tried to regulate alcohol consumption decades ago and it didn’t work. What makes you think they can stop the killings? We need weapons to keep those, who willfully desire to harm others, in check.

Those who have come to our country from oppressed countries, have stated that we are well on the way to being oppressed ourselves by those who want to take away our weapons. Many more people are killed by bats, hammers, and automobiles than by guns in our country.

History shows that before a party and a line of dictators can gain absolute power, the first thing they try to do is to take away guns from their citizens.

May we pray for those killed and those they left behind. May we return to our founding fathers’ wisdom and core beliefs.

Willard J. Thompson