Supporting Miller

I am writing to express my endorsement of Judge Fred Miller for the Blair County Court of Common Pleas.

As one of Fred’s former elementary teachers, I believe I am in a unique position to address Judge Miller’s intellect, initiative, dedication, integrity, commitment to the community and sense of fairness.

Judge Miller has taken the leadership in promoting the establishment of a veterans court in Blair County. He also advocates for a “One Family One Judge” policy to best serve the families of Blair County, especially children.

Judge Miller has expressed his strong support for the creation of a mental health court.

Judge Miller possesses a vested interest in the future of Blair County, already bringing 10-plus years of judicial experience to the table. Judge Miller has a proven track record of listening and making impartial decisions.

I encourage all voters to support Fred Miller.

Joann Lang


Supporting Miller

I am writing this letter in support of Fred Miller for judge in Blair County.

He shows how he wants to positively impact our community by his years as district judge, attorney, teacher and community volunteer.

One of the most important traits of a judge is judicial experience. He served as district judge for northern Blair County for more than 10 years. During this period of time, he has decided thousands of criminal and civil cases from traffic cases to homicide hearings.

He has worked with public prosecutors, attorneys, law enforcement personnel and victims on a daily basis. He has handled more than 30,000 cases in a cost-effective manner.

I know that if he is elected judge, he will run his court impartially and treat all parties with dignity, courtesy and respect.

Randall L. Manning