SCI staff done no favors

On the evening of Jan. 8 breaking-news disrupted evening meals, disrupted communities and affected families.

That breaking news, however incomplete, sent a shock wave through both State Correctional Institute at Cresson and SCI Greensburg. Only because of the dedication, training and professionalism of the staff, no incidents of uprising or violence were reported.

Whoever felt the need to provide a minute bit of information to media sources, for whatever reason, did the employees and those incarcerated no favors.

I hope that the party was unaware that the next day the secretary of corrections, a Cabinet member, would make the formal announcement. I believe the superintendents and staff at their respected facilities may have been best able to determine if security measures needed to be enhanced during this time.

Stability, safety and security are paramount at every correctional institution.

That being said, it is obtained by a diverse group of men and women from various backgrounds who provide around-the-clock care, custody and control to those entrusted to fulfill their obligations deemed by the courts for crimes committed against society.

I am one of those people who has enjoyed employment in the DOC, still unable to retire and burdened with future decisions. I am not alone with that issue, nor am I alone in my commitment like many of my colleagues that we will continue the transition of these facilities, closure, and will maintain order doing so, no matter how long it may take.

Society wants the Legislature and the courts to be tough on crime, but does not know how to pay for it.

Bravo to those on duty that night of the breaking news; you are professional, you did not comprise operations of your facility under a shock wave unleashed by someone who pretended to have a news story that was incomplete. Shame on them.

Patrick O’Malley