People are the problem

As far as gun control goes, it will not reduce murders.

If all of the guns in the world disappeared overnight, there would still be murders because there would still be people, and as long as there are people, someone will always find a way.

If you take away guns, there are still so many ways – you’d have to take away eating utensils, pillows, even the life-saving medicines in almost every home.

When people decide to do something, whether under the influence or not, they will find a way, and fully expect to get away with it.

If we lived on barren land with nothing but sand and stones, someone would still murder or maim someone.

Humans are supposed to be the most intelligent species – who started that rumor?

Show me any animal who does the things that people do, just to do it. You cannot, because they don’t.

Only people do that.

Patti Harr