Penn State made Paterno a scapegoat

Travesty has been brought forth from Penn State by the NCAA, but the fines that they brought forth on the university itself, that are “fair and balanced” should be slammed against the Board of Trustees and senior officers of Penn State itself.

They are the ones who hired Louis Freeh.

They have laid this whole thing on Joe Paterno, who is being blamed for letting this problem continue and be divulged as something that he had a great part in when he didn’t.

Paterno did the same thing that everybody else did.

When you have a problem, you report it to your superior, then he in turn reports to his superior.

If per chance the first reporter is not satisfied with the outcome and goes around his superior and reports it to someone else, then he would be chastised and probably relieved of his job.

This process is the same process that happens in industry and workplaces over United States. It’s the same thing in the Army or other branches of the military.

Absolutely no one has asked the question what happened after the first investigation of Sandusky.

Why were not questions asked that time and laws enforced then instead of being enforced now many years later? Why was this? Where were all directors and superiors of Penn State at that time?

It seems to me that somebody was looking for scapegoats, and Paterno was the one they were after.

The worst thing that was done to Paterno was the audacity of the people who could not look him in the face and tell him that his job was done. That has to be the bottom of a barrel for telling somebody that they are fired over the phone.

As far as football goes, I have no dog in this fight. As far as football players that graduated from Penn State, no one can stand up to Joe Paterno’s record.

Gerald Balasco