Obama vs. Second Amendment

The Second Amendment of the United States plays an important role in the lives of American citizens for two reasons.

The Second Amendment is our Founding Fathers’ way of telling us that every U.S. citizen has the right to own weapons.

The amendment states that this right shall not be taken away, which is what President Barack Obama is trying to do.

Citizens of the United States have been victims of violence involving guns for decades.

Obama seems to think that the cure to this gun violence is to make a person receive a background check before purchasing any type of gun.

I do agree that our country needs to stop all gun violence, but background checks will not do the job. Receiving a gun without a background check is not as hard as people most people would think.

Yes, getting the gun may involve committing another crime, but for a person to even think about shooting someone obviously means they are not worried about the consequences they will face.

If a person wants to shoot someone that badly, he will find a way to get a gun.

Owning a gun is a right for American citizens. The inconvenience of everyone needing a background check will lessen the amount of people who try to obtain one.

Yes, less people will own guns, but more innocent citizens will be unable to protect themselves when necessary.

It is nice to see that the president is trying to stop the violence but I ask:?Are the measures being taken really for our benefit?

Nicole Giannangeli